Hey there! I'm Andre, a certified life coach based in London, U.K. Helping people is my passion and my mission is to motivate you and to ensure you achieve the goals you've set (or would like to set) for yourself in life – big or small. I work with you to set the bar high and produce results, no matter what your life looks like at the moment.

Oftentimes we tend to forget that in order to produce excellent results, we need to be in a good place to begin with. I help to guide you towards tackling whatever obstacle might be in your way, by essentially bridging the gap between where you are NOW and where you want to be

My coaching is intended for people who, without this help, would find it difficult to find the tools, the motivation and the drive to get started and to continue on their transformative journeys. It is specifically designed for individuals who want to make changes in their lives and have decided to actively invest in their future. 


If this is you, don't waste any more time - get in touch! 




The Life Couch's fundamental belief is that unless one engages in regular physical activity and follows a healthy diet, it will be much harder to achieve strong levels of satisfaction in other areas of one's life.

As a qualified Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience, The Life Couch shares regular fitness videos on social media - why not join in from anywhere in the world? Challenge yourself daily!


Staying motivated throughout one's life is incredibly difficult. It can sometimes be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and all too often, this leads to unaccomplished goals and feelings of dread, anxiety and failure. 

Through simple yet effective and tailored coaching techniques with The Life Couch, there is no limit to what your achievements can be. The Life Couch stops at nothing to achieve the goals he sets for himself, and he's willing to share his methods with you. 


Are you hoping to get more out of your career? Do you think you deserve better? Do you feel it's time for a big change? Are you wondering what you're truly worth? 

Most of us have been there - in fact The Life Couch has held multiple roles (from entry-level to managerial positions) in various industries over the past 14 years , so he knows how you feel and what you're thinking. 

The Life Couch helps you take the first steps towards a brighter future. You just need to get off that couch! 


As a trained actor and experienced public speaker, The Life Couch can help you tackle your discomfort and anxiety in regards to putting your identity on the line. 

Everybody deserves to be heard and seen - The Life Couch will make sure you are.

Confidence is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and knowing (not thinking!) that you're capable of anything.

If that doesn't make sense to you, then we've definitely got some work to do!